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Forest School/Outdoor Nursery Essentials Kit

The essentials for spending your day at an Outdoor Nursery!

We often get enquiries as to what a child should wear when spending full days outdoors, e.g. at forest schools and outdoor nurseries! Well, we've been advising parents of nursery children at a local outdoor nursery for years, so an online guide as to what's essential to ensure your child fully enjoys their day staying dry and warm whatever the weather, we hope this will be a good reference for you! 


A good base layer is necessary for maintaining the right body temperature and will wick away moisture (often caused by sweat) from the skin to stop dampness and cold setting in. 

The baselayer sits snug against the skin and is designed to trap a thin layer of warm air against the body. There are 3 main types of fabric you can choose for a baselayer , Merino wool, bamboo or synthetic fabrics.


It's important to realise also that a Base Layer is NOT just for winter, they are equally effective in warmer conditions as well.


Moisture Management or Wicking, is a key element for this primary layer to eliminate moisture from the skin which natural fibres such as cotton, cannot achieve due to high absorbency.  One key rule here for a baselayer garment is "Avoid Cotton", as natural fibres tend to absorb moisture.  


 We have tried and tested several different baselayer fabric types, in the end the Merino fabric has always proved to be the most efficient as well as most comfortable. Thus, we currently stock Merino baselayer sets (from age 1 up to adults) and merino tops.


MID LAYERS  A mid layer's primary function is to provide warmth. If your outer layer is rain gear, think of your mid layers as hiking pants, a hiking tee and a fleece as an example. Their main job is to keep you warm and comfortable.




The TOP LAYER, also called OUTER LAYER is usually the weather protective layer. These fall into two categories, the Shell Layer for changeable conditions but not excessively wet or cold and the Outer Layer which are designed for more severe conditions.



HEAD a protective layer for the head is essential for the complete kit. Dependent on season and child, we have a selection of different styles and materials, even reflective hats for dark winter days!

HANDS a day outdoors is only fun if you can enjoy it, and if your fingers are cold, the exploring adventurer in you quickly evades. Thin finger gloves are great for spring/autumn or as an added layer underneath a waterproof set of mitts.

FEET jumping around for 6-8 hours and chances are, you'd keep your feet warm in any type of footwear - But realistically, whilst our children are very active, there will be periods where they're standing still, sitting and exploring the things on the ground or just not jumping high enough, so good quality footwear is key. The footwear should be waterproof and sturdy for the feet and ankles - in winter, a thermal insulation will make an immense difference.


So please take a look! We have many more brands in our store, see our "Brands" page for a full overview. As a Swedish-British family, we love to be adventurous all-year-round, so we're also equipped for the outdoors - because we like to see our children and those of our customers have fun in the outdoors, regardless of the weather!

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