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European Sizing Information

Several of our brands use European sizing which is based on the height of children (or length, for babies).

Children grow at different rates, sometimes hugely different, so ideally, we recommend measuring the child to get the best fit.

There are 2 European sizing scales. Most brands use 6cm increments, eg 50, 56, 62, etc. Within this, Maxomorra uses 'double' sizes, eg 98/104. Didriksons uses a 10cm increment, eg 80, 90, 100, etc.

Don't worry if this sounds complicated, it's not really! The size refers to the mid-point for that item of clothing, ie the perfect fit, so it's designed to fit from below to above that measurement. Here are some examples to help:

6cm increment (50, 56, 62, etc): The child is 94cms tall, so we recommend buying size 98 as they will be growing into this size and it is designed to fit from 95 cms to 101 cms.

6cm increment (50/56, 62/68, 74/80, etc): The baby is 63 cms long, so we recommend buying size 62/68 as this size is designed to fit from 59 cms to 71 cms.

10cm increment (80, 90, 100, etc): The child is 119cms tall, so we recommend buying size 120 as this is designed to fit from 115cms to 125cms.

The tables below are based on average sizing (ie 50th percentile growth) but, as we say above, children's growth rates can vary hugely, so it's always best to check their height.

Of course, if in doubt, do feel free to ring us on +44 (0)1334 659 047


6cm sizing chart




10cm Sizing Chart



Girls Sizing Chart



Boys Sizing Chart


jw-logo-short-box-yb-web.jpg  Age 7-8y 9-10y 11-12y 13-14y 15-16y
Height (head to toe) cm 128 140 152 164 176
Chest cm 64 70 76 83 90
Waist cm 59 63 67 71 75
Arm length cm 45 49 54 58 62