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Funky Rewards


We'd like to THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING US when there's so much choice out there, so we've teamed up with LoyalZoo to develop a rewards program that works in store as well as online to show our gratitude in lots of different ways.

Join now - for every £1 spent, we'll give you 1 point

How does it work  |   My Points Status   |  Redeem Points  |   Bonus Points    |   Returns   |  T&Cs


How does it work?

Every purchase you make with us gains you FunkyRewards points which go towards money-off Coupons. For every £1 spent, we'll give you 1 point. You can choose to redeem these at different levels, and the longer you save, the more you'll gain:

 75 Points = £5 Coupon

 150 Points = £15 Coupon

 300 Points = £40 Coupon

 500 Points = £75 Coupon

Where are my Points?


We want all our customers to have access to our Loyalty program, so the FunkyRewards points can be gained as well as redeemed either online or instore.

You access your FunkyRewards points through LoyalZoo (via app or webpage).

Check your FunkyRewards points balance: You will be able to check your points balance on the LoyalZoo app, and see whether you have a reached a threshold. We will also advise customers in-store and via email when they reach a threshold.


Download the LoyalZoo app, available for your iPhone or Android phone, to get the most out of the program. If you don’t have a Smartphone, don’t worry, you’ll get a personal email within the next 48 hours with a link to your own LoyalZoo webpage.

app-store.png google-play.png


When online customers reach a Voucher threshold, you can request to redeem your Points. We would then send you a Coupon Code via email for use online. Vouchers are redeemable by the account holder only and are only valid once. Only one Coupon Code can be used at a time, so Reward Vouchers cannot be combined with any other offers.

In-store customers will also receive a Coupon Code which can be redeemed in-store or online for delivery or Click-And-Collect.


You can also pick up Bonus Points in other ways:

Big Order Bonus

>£200 = 20 BonusPoints

>£300 = 30 BonusPoints


Pick up 10 Bonus Points for every friend you recommend who shops with us for the 1st time, and they get 15% off too.

Every time you shop with us, you can have 3 Tokens to give to friends you think would like Funky Rascal too.

Product Reviews

Write a product review online and we’ll give you 10 Bonus Points.

You’ll also be entered in our monthly draw to win a £25 voucher 

'Extra Specials': Double points, bonus points,...

From time to time, we'll run special offers just for you which we'll let you know about in advance. Who knows, that might just be tomorrow...



Ts & Cs: Just to make sure everything's clear and fair for us all.

Points can be accumulated as follows:

Standard purchases: 1 point is awarded per £1 spent on any of our products, including those on sale and special offers. Points are not awarded for shipping costs.

Points can be accumulated via our shop in Cupar and/or via our webstore.

Orders/purchases over £200 receive a bonus of 20 points; Order over £300, a bonus of 30 points. There may be a delay of 7 working days in applying bonus points.

All customers writing a product review will be awarded a bonus of 10 points alongside being entered in the monthly Review Draw for a £25 voucher.

Customers who successfully ‘Refer-a-Friend’ via our scheme will receive a bonus of 10 points (see details below).

Additional short-term bonus point programs will be offered at our discretion.

Returns: Points will be deducted at the rate of 1 point per £1 for returned items. If, as a result of a return, an order drops below a bonus threshold, those bonus points will also be deducted. 

Your points are not visible in your account, only on your LoyalZoo-app.